map of Minnesota ROCsThe Minnesota Long-Term Agricultural Research Network (LTARN) is an outcome-based research, outreach, and education entity. The network provides for a coordinated approach to agricultural research and outreach that is geographically scalable, systems-oriented, multidisciplinary, and guided by a common vision.

The MN LTARN is unique in that it intentionally studies the biophysical, biogeochemical, and socioeconomic effects on, and of, production systems over time and space simultaneously. Research is conducted with the goal of ensuring resilient and responsible food, fiber and fuel/energy production systems that maximize value and minimize risks.

The MN LTARN goes beyond simply creating an infrastructure or system that supports independent and oftentimes location-specific research projects. The network consists of multiple sites, or “nodes”, representing the climatic, hydrologic, biogeochemical, and socioeconomic variations across Minnesota. Each site is uniform in design and management and guided by the network’s common research focus.

Initial sites are starred in the graphic. Select each site below for site-specific information.